Who is linda evans dating

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Evans first met Rock Hudson when she did a guest spot on The script called for Hudson’s character to kiss an unconscious Krystle after she suffered a fall from her horse.Rather than the passionate kiss the director had hoped for, Hudson merely brushed Evans lips, even after several retakes.She then played bit parts on five different episodes of .‘s Krystle Carrington, the blond, angelic second wife of tycoon Blake Carrington, played by the debonair John Forsythe, Evans was the polar opposite of the manipulative, scheming first wife, Alexis Carrington, played with evil relish by Joan Collins.It turns out that Linda and Krystle could be the same person.

Evans started the series on the wrong foot when she was one of the first to be banished from the kitchen due to disappointing head chef White during the first service.It’s that they’re confused and hurt by his conflicting stories and evident lack of trust in him.Why, they rightfully ask, would Lee tell some of them that he and Farrah were secretly wed last year and then turn around and tell other friends that he and Farrah were engaged to be married this fall? That’s the big question in the minds of Lee Majors’ closest friends, who are understandably puzzled by his contradictory statements on his relationship to his girlfriend, Farrah Fawcett.It’s not that Lee’s friends particularly care whether or not their actor friend has married again.

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