Weight dating

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Once married, obese husbands are less happy with their marriages than other men, but men who have lost weight report fewer marital problems than obese or average-weight men or men who have gained weight during marriage.

-- Although high school women are more concerned about their weight than men are about theirs, the women are more willing than men to date an overweight person.

She didn’t mince words, and neither did some of her respondents. She was ready to quit until she could wear a size 6.

She got some messages and went on a few dates, but a few of the men she met would be more interested, they said, if she’d been a few pounds lighter. She was already taking strides to live healthier, and she figured she’d just…wait.

Not only is the visible difference not always noticeable, but if someone expects their dates to look exactly like their photos, that in and of itself speaks to how unreasonable their expectations might be.If you’re holding off on dating until you’ve lost the weight, bought better clothes, or are awaiting the arrival of a brilliant future version of yourself, you’ve set the worst goal ever. You may think you’ll be shinier, cooler, or more desirable in the future, but really what you’re saying is that you don’t think anyone could like you now. She was admittedly on the heavy side, but had never kept it a secret or masked it in her online profile. You’re not an Apple product set to launch sometime next year. A woman named Jen wrote to ask me if she should stop dating until she achieved her goal weight. In the immortal words of Sweet Brown, ain't nobody got time for that. Until you've achieved an unassailable state of self-love?

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