Updating your video card s driver

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While your video hardware may meet the system requirements of the game you are playing, using outdated drivers may prevent the game from displaying correctly.

If you purchased a separate video card or cannot obtain the appropriate drivers through the computer manufacturer you may be able to obtain updated drivers from the manufacturer of your video card.

Video card drivers are updated more frequently than, for example, your network card’s drivers.

Updating your video card drivers can show a huge performance boost across your system, as well.

Firefox and some plugins use your graphics card to help speed up the display of web content.

Graphic cards are also used by advanced web features like Web GL.

In these instances you fix the problems by disabling hardware acceleration and Web GL.

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If you’re buying a new Windows PC today, your graphics card will manufactured by one of two companies: NVIDIA or AMD.

It takes a powerful engine to do multiple screens, videos, etc.

If you only have an Intel HD Graphics card and you have a laptop, you will have to replace your laptop with a more powerful machine like a gaming laptop.

Video Card Driver's need to be updated three or four times a year.

You will want to go directly to the Manufacturers website to locate and download the Driver specific to your Video Card and Windows Operating System. First, we need to check what the date of your Current Video Card Driver is. You can find the Device Manager by searching "Device Manager" in any Windows Search field OR right-clicking My Computer or This PC and go to Properties.

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