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I just want to know as to what is happening during this process as my Director is breathing down my neck as it is taking way to long and our clients think that nothing is happening since it looks frozen... If your install includes many EXE, DLL and OCX files this step can take a while. As mentioned, everything works but just this process takes too long.Please note some bundled version software updates may not be listed here.If you cannot find the update for your bundled Cyber Link software, please contact the hardware maker or supplier.

Clicking the indicator displays a message that Adobe Flash Player is out of date: To continue viewing Flash content, update to a later version of Adobe Flash Player: If you need to use an older version of Flash Player, you can use Internet plug-in management in Safari to run the plug-in in unsafe mode for websites that you trust.(Hata 0015) Etkinleştirme Hatası Bir mağazadan aldığınız ESET ürününüzü ürün anahtarı kullanarak etkinleştirirken "Etkinleştirme başarısız" veya "Girdiğiniz aktivasyon kodunun süresi dolmuş" hata mesajını alıryorsanız, ESET teknik destek ekibimizle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.Destek formunu doldururken lütfen ürün anahtarınızı giriniz. We removed files and got the install down to just over a gig and it took -7min.If you want to change the text, you will need to upgrade to Install Shield Professional so that you can edit the Action Text for the action (

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