Symantec brightmail message filter not updating

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If you have difficulty with filtering the message body, select after classification. This can occur either before Thunderbird does its assessment of the mail as junk, or after.

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This latest development is something the company has been thinking about "for years," he said.

This is not possible for the automatic execution of filters. Click the Application menu button , then click if you want the new filter to be applied to messages you’ve already received.

Automatically applied filters are applied only to the inbox, with the exception of Archive and after send filters, which apply only to the mails involved in the action to send or archive. The filter will automatically be applied to all new messages after it's saved.

When you send mail - This is when you select and applies to all mail included in the archive action.

Filters are executed in the order they appear in the list of filters, except when that order is not possible, in which case you will see the message .

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