French wine french dating

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French wine is produced all throughout France, in quantities between 50 and 60 million hectolitres per year, or 7–8 billion bottles.France is one of the largest wine producers in the world.Things are getting hotter in France's famous wine-growing regions.Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and other regions in France and Switzerland that are known for wine, are warming up.

"The international context has hit us very hard," said Patrick Ricard, president of the French association of wine and spirit exporters FEVS.

The best grapes are thought to be grown in years when there are heavy rains early in the season, followed by a dry, hot summer with a seasonal drought.

The rain in spring and early summer fuels plant growth, while the dry conditions later on push the plants to focus more on producing fruit, according to a study published online Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The DGCCRF wine brigade told AFP it suspects the store was helping local winegrowers sweeten their crop beyond the authorised limit -- rather than dodge taxes.

"In 2007 alone, what was sold over three months corresponds to the annual consumption of a city of 10,000 inhabitants," said a DGCCRF agent, quoted in the Sud Ouest newspaper earlier this month.

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