Dating coca cola bottle caps

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Do you have a room in your house decorated in Coca-Cola items, buy Coca-Cola memorabilia at antiques shows or flea markets, or would like to meet others who share your interests?

Are you an antiques or collectibles dealer interested in expanding your clientele with thousands of Coca-Cola collectors? Among the benefits of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club: Communication with thousands of collectors around the world. But our Club’s best benefit is the chance you will have to make long-lasting friendships with members who share your interests.

In 1971, the "Hilltop" advert was broadcast on television, accompanied by this logo and the now-famous "It's the Real Thing" slogan for the very first time.

Starting in 1985, the script was only used on packaging in a very small size, and the below "Coke" logo took pride of place until 1987.

This was easily the best thing we did together while she was visiting." "There's a little restaurant in our town of Levittown, PA," Tracy Detrick says. Love bringing the family there, and the kids love looking at all of the Coca-Cola memorabilia.

It's a quaint little place with the best stuffed French toast and of course Coca-Cola Brand products.

My grandfather got me started collecting bottles when I was about eight years old.

It is still used on some vending machines, road signs, store signs and advertising signs today.Markets for buying, trading, and selling collectibles. Monthly newsletter with free classified ads for all members. Luisa Subero says, "I don't know what I would do without her. We've been inseparable since 1999 and will not ever leave each other's lives.We love the glass bottles of Fanta that we can purchase from the cooler!" Todd Warner says, "I asked two guys shoveling if I could take a picture of their Coke. At the time we were shoveling our 80-something-year-old neighbors out, which lead to a great conversation about neighbors helping neighbors in times of need.

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