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Along with this announcement, Georgia Aquarium released a media kit, entitled .

It is adapted to life in the Arctic, so has anatomical and physiological characteristics that differentiate it from other cetaceans.In addition, the media kit has numerous false or misleading descriptions, claims, and characterizations of the efforts, starting in 2007 and continuing until April 2016, made by Georgia Aquarium to bring these 18 Russian belugas into the United States.In its June 22, which premiered at the Sheffield Film Festival in England on June 13, 2016.Georgia Aquarium’s justification for the to inspiring people to take action toward the preservation of this species and their natural environment.” (p.14,[1] emphases added) This argument continues: “Maintaining a population of belugas in accredited zoos and aquariums is to the conservation of the species in its natural habitat.” (p.

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